What is Embodiment?


Embodiment - The degree to which the spirit can comfortably remain in the body throughout the ups and downs of life.

You are the spirit that has a mind in a body. The mind and body are your friends and tools, but do not lead the ultimate human expression. Only by fully being and operating from your unique spirit can you create your heaven on earth.

Embodiment Check

Are you…?

… caught up in aches, pains, tightness, exhaustion, turbulent emotions?  

These are some signs of being run by your body.

… stuck in stories, judgements, explanations, anxiety, fear, other people’s business?

These are some signs of being run by your mind.

… joyful without a reason, effortlessly and fearlessly creative, moving from a sense of absolute knowing what is right for you and what isn’t?

These are some signs of operating from your unique spirit, unhindered by your mind or body.
This is embodiment.

How to get back into embodiment

Once you notice that you are stuck in your mind or body, I have a simple mantra that can remind you of how to get back into your body:

Smile, breathe, move.

Smiling means to move into the acceptance space of whatever it is that is triggering you. It doesn’t necessarily require physically smiling with your mouth (though it can), and often might actually mean crying or grimacing depending on what you are really feeling. You acknowledge, see and fully move into whatever is happening within your body field by resting your awareness in the physical sensations of your heart.

Breathe: once you have smiled/accepted what is triggering you, you can then connect the feeling of the trigger with your breath and move the energy through breathing. Stay with the uncomfortable feelings as you breathe to move the energy. There is nowhere to go or escape to, just your breath to be with.

Move: once you have breathed your way through the trigger, you can now move more deeply into and from your authentic and spacious heart. Move is about allowing yourself to be different and new now that you have released what wasn’t serving you. Each moment is fresh and you are allowed to completely re-create yourself free of old patterns whenever you like. Enjoy allowing movement from your new level of freedom.

Heaven is the space of absolute freedom and ecstatic bliss that you have inside of your heart right now.

Embodiment is how you find your heaven.

Once you familiarize yourself with the feeling of your heaven, you can be and create from that blissful space inside of you, letting your unique heaven come into the physical world unobstructed.

As more and more individuals tap into their heaven source, it becomes easier and easier for the collective world to enjoy the lightness of individuality. Together as our individual heavens interweave and connect, we create a true heaven on Earth, the highest expression of humanity’s creativity.