Calm and Breath… these are the two main results of my session with Brad. I was greeted with warmth and presence. During the session Brad’s attention was very focused. While he was gentle, I could feel shifts in my body especially when I felt my diaphragm release. Now I can breathe more deeply and easily. I had not felt so at ease since a bout with bronchitis. Also the residual sense of calm was most appreciated. I highly recommend Brad and his work.
— Cynthia Wynn, Sedona
Brad is a very skilled bodyworker. I have been to a lot of massage therapists and myofascial release therapists and physical therapists, and the work he did in my first two sessions was so expansive and opening in areas that were extremely restricted. I feel blessed that he is practicing body work now and cannot wait to see what comes of our work together. He is just starting his practice and I encourage you to check him out if you live in Sedona and see if his style resonates with you.
— Julie Genser, Sedona
I walked into Brad’s healing room and the energy was bright, light and has a zen feel to it. I was impressed with his entire protocol. He’s very present and grounded. His gentle loving and respectful approach to the abdomen put me at ease very quickly. I was impressed how intuitive and skilled he is. He was able to make connection of other parts of the body which needed to be balanced. As he led me through deep breathing, he was able to access and release a lot of stuck emotions and memories. That night, I released too much and slept soundly from 8pm to 8am, the longest sleep I can remember. I feel lighter and happier. I highly recommend Brad and this kind of bodywork. It’s very crucial for expansion and well being in these interesting times. I will be scheduling regular sessions with him. In gratitude and love for this sweet being of light.
— Divine Roberts, Sedona
Being a practitioner of bodywork for 22 years, including offering abdominal massage, I already knew Chi New Tsang has some powerful benefits. I was looking forward to better overall skeletal alignment and range of motion in my joints, improved digestion, decreased stress levels, increased levels of awareness of my subtle body’s energy flows, and just a general feeling of being freer and more fluid in my body. Not only did any session with brad deliver all of that, but because of Brad’s sensitivity and understanding of the emotional body, I was able to unwind mental habits that have caused me continual stress for my whole life. I could clearly see how those trapped emotions are robbing me of available energy and limiting my breath capacity. My session was magic at its finest and anyone who has the opportunity to work with Brad can really consider themselves lucky.
— Celeste a’Leah, Sedona

I highly recommend an abdominal massage session with Brad. This is a very sensitive area to receive bodywork, but Brad’s warm personality combined with his confident, intuitive and healing hands made me feel safe and receptive. I felt wonderful after the session! I very much look forward to working with him in the future! Thank you!
— April Holman, Sedona
Just finished my first every belly massage, and all I have to say is wow. Very impressed with the techniques and the natural flow of it. I could feel how it opened up the energy in the entire body and released tension in places we never think about. An intense but also meditative experience at the same time! I would definitely recommend this to anyone with even the slightest interest :)
— Oscar Genc, Sweden
Brad was amazing! Honestly I didn’t really know what Chi Nei Tsang was until after my experience. He made the environment completely comfortable and his communication throughout the massage was superb. I have experienced many types of massages and I have to say this BY FAR was one of my favorites! <3 I felt a deep connection to source energy. Thank you Brad!
— Grace, Cottonwood

“My session with Brad was beyond amazing. He creates a safe, open, and encouraging space to let go of the energy we all store within our bodies. He is very intuitive and communicative during his session. After my session with Brad the first thing I thought was “I’m free!”. He helped me to let go of energy that was keeping me from living my full power and weighing me down. Throughout the rest of the day I only felt openness and freedom. Thank you Brad! I wish I could take him back to New York with me! Sedona us lucky to have him!
— Genevieve Meyers, New York
Brad provided a safe, loving container for the session. His hands were soft yet firm, very directed. He worked very diligently and with the impression that he knows what he’s doing! There were some moments of pain but 90% of the time was feelings of relaxation and release. the massage left me feeling like the sun was radiating from my stomach! My emotional body feels much lighter and clear, my digestion also feels stronger than before. Thanks so much Brad!
— Ahia True Peace, Sedona

I wanted to let this settle into my body for a few days. To get some perspective of real change. I knew at the time that it was “something” that my body wanted and needed. During the session, I was transported into a slightly altered state. Only seeing this in retrospect, as I was very focused on different sensations I felt. They ranged from feeling a little overwhelmed, to a relaxing calm that comes from a reconnection on some level. A connection to self some how. I pondered the belly button as Brad worked that area, thinking “what is the belly button actually attached to? What are we connected to? Where are we connected?” Soon after this conversation, I felt my arms tingle and energy moved from my belly, across my shoulders, and down my arms into my hands. I could feel the energy wanted to go down my legs but felt blocked. Oh but another day for a session to help that flow. As I lay in bed at night, I start to massage my stomach and think about the classes that Brad said he wants to teach. I instinctively got to the same areas and work those areas. I think I want to know more. I had pain in my back when we started. Working the gallbladder seemed to be connected to that pain. I have noticed that over the last few days, the old familiar discomfort that I have gotten so used to, has changed. Not as intense, mellowed and more manageable. This is definitely something interesting and I want to learn more.
— Lisa Price, Sedona
I want to thank you again for the bodywork that you did on me. It was very relaxing and you hit spots that released some things and for that I am very grateful! Keep doing this work as it is your calling. So Glad you are here :)
— Karen Russell, Sedona
Layers keep coming off after your session! I was amazed that your work went so deep. Thank you so much Brad. Your Breathing work made all the difference with the deep body work you do. Blessings on all you do!
— Barbie Edwards, Sedona
The abdominal massage with Brad was truly extraordinary. I became aware of each organ coming to life and emitting a vibrant healthy energy of aliveness and joy. Afterwards, I had increased energy and vitality. I highly recommend this!!!
— Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD, Sedona

The Chi New Tsang abdominal massage I received from Brad was one of the most therapeutic body treatments I’ve ever received in my life, and I’ve had MANY different types of energetic therapies over the last 20 years. Brad is sensitive and confident, with a gentle yet skilled touch. This type of bodywork is clearly a passion for him. For days after the session my visceral cavity was releasing and shifting, I had some big break throughs on the physical, emotional and energetic levels of being. They ARE all intertwined!”
— Soleil Brigham, Sedona
Our session today was incredible. Your knowledge and expertise is only outshines by your gentle, kind and phenomenally effective performance! I wish you every success on these paths of Health and Healing. May we meet again soon! <3
— Karen Johnston, Sedona

Brad has beautiful relaxed energy; very in tune with the present moment. Feeling safe and cared for, I was able to surrender into the world that was opening up. There were experiences of subtle and profound shifts; most notably clearing tension and accessing memories all the way from brith. This was my first session with Brad and I plan to see him again soon for more Magick - in the true sense of the word.
— Jordan, Sedona
Brad is a gifted healer who is completely present and very intuitive. His technique is very powerful and his skill is exceptional. I am always looking for unique healing modalities and have experienced many different types and styles. I would rate Brad as top notch and recommend everyone to experience his healing work.
— Cliff Oscher, Sedona
Brad was very professional with a gentle personal touch. Brad was kind to guide me through the whole process by directing each step. Brad was able to listen to my words but also to my body’s reaction to the therapy. After the session, I left with more balanced feeling throughout my body. My wife and I have already scheduled our 2nd appointment before leaving our first. Thank you again, Brad.
— Brian O’Connell, Sedona
I very much enjoyed my abdominal massage with Brad. I am usually a little uncomfortable with massage on my belly, but his touch immediately put me at ease. He is gentle and confident at the same time. I felt myself relax and trust him immediately. I even enjoyed the experience, and learned more about this area of my body than I had before. Brad is living his passion, engaged and focused on his work, and is always adding to his ever expanding knowledge base. There are wonderful traits in a health facilitator!
— Xandy Lifson, Sedona
I had no particular expectations of the abdominal massage technique and went in because of chronic pain from previously torn fascia and spleen issues. Not only did the massage feel amazing and relieve pain I had been feeling, I was surprised by the results I got. I felt my head “clear up” during the massage even though I hadn’t felt congested in any way. When I returned home, I found it easier to focus and got my writing work done in record time. My energy level and focus has been significantly higher the past three days since the massage and I continue to feel free of the pain I was feeling before.
— Jodi O’Connell, Sedona