Sessions with me cause immediate visceral transformation

It may not be what you thought, it may not be comfortable, but you will feel different after seeing me. 

I am interested in transformation... 

...for myself and those who find their way to me. I have a number of skills and gifts that I draw on with intuitive/divine guidance. 

Our sessions might consist of some combination of:

  • Deeply honest inquiry and examination of beliefs and emotions
  • Hands on bodywork, especially of the abdomen, spine and head
  • Assisted stretching and mobility assessment
  • Multi-dimensional energy work
  • Hypnotic trance induction and guided full body relaxation
  • Clairvoyant and clairaudient transmissions
  • Empowering homework exercises and recommendations

For anyone who is curious but uncertain, please reach out, as I offer free samples. Give me 5 minutes of your time and attention and you will feel what I mean by magic. This is my life, this is who I am and you will be able to feel it instantly.

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