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Intuitive Healing Session - $150/HR ($100/Hr for sedona locals)

In a moment, I can draw you deeply into the warmth and intimate coziness of the infinite heart space. From this deep presence and with the help of the Human Design System, here are some of the things we can play with:

  • Fully processing unintegrated traumas to your mindbody system

  • Accessing information relative to you on your spiritual journey

  • Answering any questions you may have about anything

  • Opening up to your soul’s true and authentic desires and purpose in this life

  • Teaching and training your spatial mind, intuitive senses and abilities

  • Opening up your heart to receive your divine partnership, or deepen more fully into your current divine partnership

  • Opening up to your material abundance pathways and removing any blocks to effortless enjoyment of the material plane

  • Realigning the physical body and improving energy flows through the energy body

  • Connecting and communicating with your guidance and angelic host realms

  • Etc.

Human Design Session $150/HR ($100/Hr for sedona locals)

Fundamentally an intuitive healing session where I speak the language of Human Design. Ideal for those interested in getting in touch with who they really are to the core.

Massage Therapy - $125/HR ($80/Hr for sedona locals)

Touch and movement are key nutrients for a healthy body. When a body is deprived of touch or movement, it can very quickly develop physical or emotional maladies. I use firm, safe and loving touch guided by my intuitive sight and anatomical study to create a space of deep relaxation and release. Every session for every clients is intuitively guided and therefore uniquely designed to meet your needs in that moment. Come and drop everything that weighs you down, leaving the session feeling lighter, brighter and ready for everything that your unique life has to offer.