Infinity Qi Gong


Thursdays @ 7:00PM (~90 minutes)
Posse Grounds Gazebos
Rain or Shine, dress appropriately
Free Admission


Infinity Qi gong is a free Class to empower your authentic self into truth and love

I have collected and refined an ever-expanding toolbelt of concepts and practical exercises to free and empower myself. I am holding these weekly 90 minute sessions in order to share my work and directly empower others. 


It is a light and fun gathering consisting of four main parts:

  1. Conceptual transmission (me talking about the ideas)
  2. Embodiment practice (us doing exercises to bring the ideas into the body)
  3. Q & A (time to ensure clarity and inspiration)
  4. Homework exercises (you bringing this into your entire life)


Each class builds on all the previous classes, so I recommend you attend as many as possible to get the most benefit. If you miss a class or join late, feel free to connect with me individually and I can catch you up to speed.


I hold this course with no cost for a few reasons:

  • This is my passion and it brings me joy to share in this way
  • I am in the process of creating Infinity Magic system and value experiential input
  • Your honest and sincere participation and feedback is more valuable to me than cash
  • I will be recording the sessions to post online and monetize later

Instead of a cash price for admission, I will be asking for your honest feedback throughout the process. This is an opportunity for growth for everyone involved. I appreciate your help on my journey as well!