Infinity Magic


Infinity magic is a conceptual map to experience and maintain higher levels of joy, bliss and happiness.

In deep introspection and clarification of what it is I want and what it is I am here to do, I realized I am a magician. My true passion is in creating higher and higher levels of bliss and joy. 

As I step along my path, I find what works and what doesn't. I am creating the Infinity Magic system in order to share my findings with others, so we may all rise together into the next level of humanity. I provide you with practical and effective tools to improve your quality of life and creative power.


The process is a simple combination of three practices...

Fully-allowed meditation - Deep and honest presence with what is right now, experienced through the heart and breath. Tuning into the feeling of the moment. Acknowledging what is there and deciding to upgrade to a higher emotional frequency.

Fully-engaged imagination - Using the mind to create imagery that matches the desired emotional frequency. The mind creates the images and it is the heart that feels the new frequency and begins the creation process.

Fully-embodied movement - Allow the shifted energy to effortlessly move you into authentic creation. Thoughtless, continuous movement and creation from this newly embodied heart frequency.

...And their dualistic counterparts...

Fully-present expression - The honest expression of what is felt right now. While meditation is a receiving of the love that is present right now, the expression is the movement and outward giving of that love to the world.

Fully-opened intuition - Completely opening the mind and clearing all personal beliefs allows space for divine messages and heightened senses. You don't need to think or solve problems at all, just ask, receive and trust.

Total-being stillness - Waiting in the infinite void.


...Used to move through the four stages of transformation

Noticing transformation is possible - "I could be higher" - Acknowledging with full honesty how you feel about your current state. Starting to feel there could be something more.

Imagining the next level - "This is what I desire" - Tuning into the heart and honestly assessing what image of the future feels light, expansive and joyful to the heart.

Energizing into the next level - "I decide to take action" - Taking the energy of your desire and firmly deciding to move through inspired action of the heart into the next level.

Appreciating your transformation - "Wow, I am amazing" - Basking in satisfaction and appreciation for your accomplishment.


To support the practices, I have outlined several foundational principles that are key to allowing the magic to flow:

Faith - "All is well" - Faith is the knowing that the universe is just fine. There's nothing wrong with the way things are going. Everything is flowing smoothly. Any belief that a "bad" "problem" "must" be "fixed" is simply mental chatter that is not fundamentally true. The truth is that everything is just fine, and you can safely let go of all fears, worries, and concerns. Everything is taken care of and the universe supports your journey to expansive bliss.

Honesty - "The truth sets me free" - Bliss requires real freedom, and real freedom can only come from honesty. You are completely safe to express your unique truth in every moment. Any belief otherwise is rooted in fear. Your courage to honestly and deeply feel what is real for you allows you to transcend it to the next level.

Responsibility - "I created this" -  Everything you see and experience is a result of your past creative thought. People do things to you as a result of the frequency you hold. Any experience you attract is due to the emotions held in your heart. It is only through acknowledging your own creative power that you can begin to shift and transmute to a higher frequency.

Focus - "I know what I want" - Because you are the creator, you can decide where you want to go. Your ability to keep focused on what you want greatly affects the speed at which you get there. Sit deeply with your heart and see what you really desire at the core. Once you identify it, hold it firmly in your focus, directing your entire life toward it. This is the way to bliss.

Opening - "I let the love in" - Everything shows up to help you on your path. What may seem like challenging emotions or experiences are simply tremendous opportunities for growth. Your ability to open yourself to whatever shows up determines your ability to digest and transcend these experiences into higher emotional frequencies. With courage, you can receive everything as the loving energy of the creator supporting your journey on Earth.

Purpose - "I know what I am here to do" - Knowing who you are comes from faithful action. You can't know who you are based on what other people have said, it is something only you can discover. As you do, it helps you align to your authenticity and embody more truth. It can help you find clarity in a storm and feed your passion for transformation.

Desire - "I choose to fully live" - Desire is the ultimate fuel energy for metamorphosis. You are in a body. Your soul made the choice to come here. You have the amazing opportunity to fully live. As you sit with yourself and affirm this decision to be alive, you start to receive the energy needed to move through your blocks. With enough desire for life, there is no need for a fear of death. You can decide to actively move toward a true life of expansive bliss.

Stillness - "The space between" - The truth lies in stillness. All the things we see came from the void of emptiness. Listen to the silence. See the space upon which everything rests. When all else fails, get still for long enough and the answers will come. As the body and mind become still, the truth can arise from stillness.