Human Design Reading

Human design is the science of differentiation.

It uses birth data to generate a chart that tells the story of our individuality. It can provide deep clarity not only into our unique characteristics, but also into the fundamental mechanical nature of our body vehicle and how best to operate it.

I have been fascinated and drawn deeply into human design for several years and it is only now that I have decided to start doing readings. I noticed when I got readings or when I heard people talk about it, they were very focused on the mental story or the psychological aspects. While these parts can be relieving to hear and offer a space to be more comfortable as ourself, the biggest impact Human Design has had on my life is its practical embodiment guidelines.

Human Design can give you the tools to fully step into your unique power and truth. It can free you of uncertainty and doubt. It can help you see your connection to all things. It can help you fully accept, love and BE yourself.

This is what it has done for me.

And this is how I approach my readings. 

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