Embodied Human Design


Wednesdays @ 7:00PM (~90 minutes)
Posse Grounds Gazebos


I hold these weekly Free human design classes to point more people toward their authentic way of being.

Human design by itself is just a collection of ideas. It is through the application and experimentation that you can fully receive the benefits of this system. 

My 90 minute human design classes focus on the simple basics of the system that will allow you to empower yourself and get your life of joy and truth.

I generally pick one topic and go deep with it, making sure I am responding to the energy of the moment. The magic happens from me operating as myself in the group aura. What is said is less important than how we vibrate together.

I hold this class with no cost for a few reasons:

  • This is my passion and it brings me joy to share in this way
  • Your honest and sincere participation and feedback is more valuable to me than cash
  • I will be recording the sessions to post online and monetize later

Instead of a cash price for admission, I will be asking for your honest feedback throughout the process. This is an opportunity for growth for everyone involved. I appreciate your help on my journey as well!