Human Design


What is Human Design?

It is the science of differentiation, a specific and exact spiritual science explaining the details of what makes each and every one of us a unique being.

At a fundamental level, our bodies are electromagnetic transmitters and receivers. At the moment we take our first breath, we are imprinted with background energetic signature of the cosmos and for the rest of our lives we broadcast that out into the world.

There are two crystals of consciousness, five different body types and nine energy centers. By understanding where our energy is consistent, and living from that consistency, we can eliminate resistance and suffering in our lives and more deeply align with our True self.

The Personality and Design Crystals of consciousness

Yes we are all one, but we came into form in order to play with duality. You are the juxtaposition of two separate crystals of consciousness. It is the tension between your personality and design, that is your conscious and unconscious selves that makes you who you are.

Your personality crystal, in black in your bodygraph, is your conscious self. It is who you think you are and whose processes you are aware of and in control of.

Your design crystal, in red in your bodygraph, is your unconscious self. You don’t have a direct access or deep knowing of this part of your being. It is more of something that isn’t really seen until it comes out.

Life is designed for the design crystal to lead the way. As the personality surrenders to the form by following strategy and authority, there is an inner harmony and self love that can develop and fill the life.

The body can have its life and the passenger can enjoy the ride.


The Nine Energy Centers & Definition

In 1781, humankind underwent a transition from seven-centered (chakras) to nine-centered beings. Everyone born since then has nine energy centers as displayed in the Human Design Bodygraph. Within and throughout the nine energy centers are sixty-four gates arranged in circuits creating channels that carry the archetypal energies of all human experience.

Every human is imprinted with twenty-six gate activations, creating a specific set of archetypal energies that will be consistent in the life story. When two gates on opposite ends of a channel are both active, that defines the channel. Channels define which energy centers are consistent for you and which ones you are available to explore a variety of themes throughout your life.

Your Unique Inner Authority for Authentic Decisions

Nothing outside of you has the capacity to determine what is right for you. Human Design points us at our internal landscape as a place for our unique truth.

Depending on which energy centers are defined in you, there will be a space or method you can use to really and clearly see what is the right decision for you to make.

Emotional, Wait For Clarity - Here to ride waves of emotional energy before making big decisions. Sleep on it at least, wait a month if you can to allow your emotional center to process all aspects of a decision.

Sacral - Here to honor their sacral noises and vibrations. What does your body get turned on by? What will bring the most satisfaction?

Splenic - Here to honor the superficial instinctual impulses in the now that come from the spleen. Can only make correct decisions in the Now.

Heart Center Manifested - Here to listen to what you say without thinking. Your heart speaks your unique Truth so just important to let go of the mind trying to control the voice.

Heart Center Projected - Very sensitive beings that must wait to be invited as that is the only consistency available.

Self Projected - Your truth comes out through what you say without thinking and is deeply connected to your identity.

Environmental - The environment must feel right in order for correct decisions and actions to take place.

Lunar - Reflectors go through a reliable cycle with the Moon that allows them to receive clarity around an issue. Spend a whole lunar cycle seeing what you say and think about your decision and eventually a spontaneous knowing will arise from within you that carries your unique Truth.

Reading & Empowerment

The world is a projection of our thoughts, so by changing the thoughts that create our world, we can change our world. For instance, if you have a belief that life is about hard work and enduring pain, then that will be a foundation for your whole experience here to be created.

In my sessions I have two primary intentions. The first is to offer you the Human Design information as a new perspective through which to operate your life. With new way’s of looking at your life, you can step into a space of true ease and fulfillment.

The second intention is to very specifically locate and release points of tension within your belief system that are currently limiting the expression of your life force. You can bring any known or unknown pain, challenge, stuck point, insecurity, uncertainty, doubt, or anything else, and through my intuitively guided inquiry, we can release the energy of that untrue belief and therefore make space for lighter and more true beliefs to come in instead. Your whole world can transform.

The Five Body Types

Depending on how your energy centers are defined, you will fall into one of five body types:

Generator (~1/3 of the population) - A sacral being guided into authentic awakening through the buzz and hum of their sacral motor responding in the Now. Satisfaction and Frustration are the energetic signatures of the Generator.

Manifesting Generator (~1/3 of the population) - A sacral being guided by the response of the sacral motor who has consistent access to manifestation potential. Known for their apparent “busy-ness”. Satisfaction and Frustration are the energetic signatures of the Manifesting Generator.

Projector (~1/5 of the population) - A non-energy type designed to guide and manage the energy of others when recognized and invited. Here to see and be seen. Success and bitterness are the energetic signatures of the Projector

Manifestor (~8% of the population) - An energy being who naturally falls into the expression of their impulses. Here to inform before they initiate action. Peace and anger are the energetic signatures of the Manifestor.

Reflector (~1% of the population) - A non-energy type guided by the moon with no consistent energy centers. Here to be a reflection of their environment and the world. Surprise and disappointment are the energetic signatures of the Reflector.

Your Unique Strategy for Harmonious Movement

Based on your type, you have a specific way in which your energy is designed to move in this world. By trusting and aligning to this way of movement, you can relieve the mind of the stress of having to make decisions about what to put energy into.

Wait and Respond (Generators and Manifesting Generators) - Allow your sacral buzz to be hooked into the present moment. Release your ideas of what you think you should do or what you think you like and instead allow your gut to pull you into what really turns you on.

Wait for the Invitation (Projectors) - Your energy is precious and will not be received by those who are not ready for it. Wait until what you have to offer has been recognized and formally invited before sharing your energy. While you wait, follow your bliss and hone the skills that will allow you to effectively lead and guide others.

Inform (Manifestors) - Your ability to manifest can make those around you uneasy. To make life smoother and easier for yourself, let people know before manifesting. By giving those who will be impacted a heads up, they will develop trust for you and allow you to move and manifest in peace.

Wait a Lunar Cycle (Reflectors) - With no definition, there is no reliable energy center to guide motion. Instead reflectors rely on the moon to guide them through life. See how you speak and feel about things throughout your lunar cycle and make space for the spontaneous knowing that arises from your core being.