Hello, my name is Brad.

I live and work in Sedona, AZ offering my services and skills to the community.

Here is a brief list of my skills and services:

  • Deep touch bodywork

  • Light touch energywork

  • Emotional freedom coaching

  • Movement and exercise coaching

  • Relationship and sexuality coaching

  • Human design readings and coaching

  • Cooking and eating

  • Manual labor

  • Systems creation and reorganization

  • Speaking

  • Writing

  • etc.

Please contact me if you are interested in utilizing any of my skills or services.

I dive deep into meditation and come back with insights about the nature of things. I write about it sometimes and share on my blog. I am constantly searching for higher and higher states of consciousness by learning how to most authentically operate my mind-body system. 

Feel free to reach out and connect if you feel called. I'll be here now.

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